Self-help- how does it work?

October 6, 2016 Yaniv Shlomo No comments exist


How much control do you have in your life?

Are you happy?

Have you found your purpose in life?

Do you have all that you want in your life?


These questions are asked not with the intention of annoying you but on the contrary, to open your mind to an amazing part of our world.

The way to look at it is, you can have better – in all areas of life, you can choose what you want and make it come true.

It seems like spiritual talk but it works. The only way to see it happen is to try it.

So, why not try to help yourself?


The meaning of self-help

Your ability to help yourself doesn’t stop at solving your problems on your own. It also means having a life that doesn’t run into problems. By ‘problems’ I don’t mean only challenges in life, or daily problems but also life crises.


How does it work?

Self-help starts from realizing the central role your inner-world has on your life.

In routine, you can see only the rules of physics in action but you can understand that there is a hidden force that influences our world. It is usually explained by luck, destiny, or other traditional explanations but if  you examine the patterns of your life, you will find a template that leads you to understand the influence of your inner-self on your life. I did it. I took a closer look at my life and found the power of my inner-self. I invite you to do the same.

You can find tools on this website, and if you need more, there’s a lot of information spread around the web. Just keep with the belief that you can get the life that you really want, and keep exploring the world beyond until you find all that you need.