Meet your Inner Self

October 27, 2016 Yaniv Shlomo No comments exist


Our inner-self seems complicated but with the right terminology and common sense your inner self can be understood in a practical way.

I know that there are a variety of terminologies for inner world in psychology and also other theories including spiritual ones. Here, we will define together a practical definition that is related to your reality.




Thoughts include the words, sentences and images that are running through your mind.

We’ll distinguish between thoughts that are essential for your inner communication and unwanted thoughts that are active in the background.


Essential thoughts

Thoughts that are related to the present; it’s your inner-communication with the external present reality. Essential thoughts are helping you to analyze and decide before taking an action and during it. They are essential to life in the present, and are also the translation of your deep essence to the outside, before you express yourself to the world outside; also on the flipside, they’re your impression of the outside world.

Background (unwanted) thoughts:

Endless background noise, thoughts that aren’t related to the activity in the present. They are all pieces of things from the past, concerns about the future, things that happen in other places. They are unwanted and are usually unstoppable.


Deep essence:

Your deep essence is the real you, which doesn’t depend on other people’s opinion.

It’s hard to define what deep essence means because part deep essence is characterized as endless and undefined. Here are some general characteristics that will help you to draw the picture of deep essence in your mind.

1) You get your inspiration to make great things from your deep essence.

2) Your imagination and creativity are created from your deep essence.

3) You feel your deep essence when you try to be creative and have new experiences.

4) Your real desires are produced in your deep essence. Your desires motivate you to have the experiences that will allow you to experience your deep essence.

5) Your dreams express what is happening in your deep essence.



Feelings are the reaction of your deep essence to reality, with the mediation of your mind that interprets the reality. Feelings include the emotions that cause physical reactions like crying, laughing, joy, etc.


How to use this knowledge about your inner self?

As a system that acts harmonically, any component mutually influences the other and together they communicate with the external world.

Harmony of your inner self is a state of being. Mindfulness is a way to have it in your life.