A magical life – is it possible?

October 26, 2016 Yaniv Shlomo No comments exist


Let’s cut to the chase and say that there is magic in our world and you can use it.

Can magic be proven?

There are in our world phenomena, rules, and power that has not yet been discovered entirely. The Quantum Theory and the ‘God Particle’ are examples that  show there is a part of the world that reacts differently than the physical word that is familiar to us.

The world beyond usually seems like magic but it covers daily phenomena that we usually don’t pay attention to or we see them as luck, coincidences, or destiny. But if you take a closer look, you can see systematic rules.

Here, in  this writing, I don’t want to get into the proofs of the world beyond but only give you a different perspective on our world, and show you that you’ve ‘got the power’.

The magic in daily life

Every person is able to live a magical life. You don’t have to be a magician or a spiritual person to live magically. You only need to make decisions in your daily life.  I know it because I have proved it from so many angles that even my last pinch of doubt has been removed.

The purpose of these words is to introduce you to a magical life and also bring you to a place where you can decide exactly what you want in your life. But, I have to admit that it’s not the kind of magic where you can push a button and abracadabra. It’s a decision to make a deep change in your life that you then have to work towards, but it’s worth the effort, believe me.

The magic is creating your reality, which mean making things happen, like magic does. It’s different from regular magic in one way: time. In typical magic, things happen immediately because only one small thing changes, but this kind of magic takes time because many changes are taking place, and your life is subtly shifting into a new reality. It is a power that makes you encounter the right people, the right things, in the right situation, at the right time- for making that reality which will fulfill your desires. These take time.

The recognition of one’s ability to create reality replaces two irrational common  explanations about how reality is created:

1) Coincidences. We are living in a wonderful period of time in which science  explains almost everything. We can assume and also prove that there are no coincidences, everything in our life can be explained according to a pattern, and coincidence is a lousy explanation. There is no coincidence in life; every event has a meaning in our life and it’s part of a specific chain of events and every chain is controlled by you.

2) Instead of using religious/theological/traditional explanations like destiny and luck to understand how reality is created, we should recognize our ability to create our own reality. We have to encourage this belief and sharpen it. We can do this by realizing that we are controlling our destiny, and making our own luck. Our purpose in life is not to be tested nor receive lessons from a higher power, nor to be punished, but only to experience our inner selves through reality.

A person who has the ability to create his reality seems spiritual or gifted. It’s because it’s difficult to notice it in daily life. That’s why, in the absence of knowledge there are irrational explanations. I consider myself a rational and logical person and I have a scientific attitude about life. I’ve analyzed my ability to create reality with a spiritual attitude and I’ve developed a logical model according to systematic methods of modeling to make that knowledge measurable and practical. You can find more details on my model here.


How to live a magical life?

  • Self-belief: you don’t have to prove yourself to gain self-esteem! You just have to understand that if you are here in this world, you have the right to get all that you want. It’s a simple belief and it works. It’s better to believe in yourself and not in your abilities to succeed because success is not good motivation. It puts you in an endless chase. Instead, just set goals that reflect your desires. You don’t really need success, just to believe in your self and things will happen the way you want. Success is only fleeting, so when you achieve a goal, enjoy how it makes you feel but don’t think about it in terms of success or failure.
  • Think positive: this will cause positive things to happen. It’s a simple rule that actually works. You probably have many reasons not to be positive, but forget the past and think good things for the future and good things will happen.
  • Accept the reality as it is: even if undesired things happen to you, accept it, and then decide what to do next.
  • Listen to your dreams and make them come true with your passion. Let them be your guide to life. Try to find what the implementation of the dream is in reality. This is not like a child’s dream to be a fireman but your deep desire that guides you to make the right decisions for your life.
  • Be naïve: only when you’re naïve you can do great things. Cynicism and self-criticism are mechanisms that don’t protect you but only disconnect your inner self from reality.
  • Mindfulness: Be in full awareness of the external world and your inner self; your life happens between the two.
  • Use your imagination, your creativity is born here.
  • Believe in magic: believe that everything that happens is for you and you created it. Sometimes it’s hard to understand this, especially when bad things happen, but if you believe it, you’ll will realize how it works and use it to your benefit. Ignoring or resisting it doesn’t help.