Hi there, I’m Yaniv. These days, I split my time between being an Energy Therapist and a Social Science Researcher.

As a therapist, I guide people to find their purpose in life and also treat mental disorders and chronic diseases.

I became a therapist after experiencing a deep crisis in my life. I was disconnected from my family and friends, no job, no money, and with feelings of despair and emptiness. In a moment of inspiration, I decided to begin a life journey in order to learn how to get out of my crisis. During my journey I participated in spiritual activities like lectures and workshops, and learned to be an energy therapist. I was so amazed by the spiritual world that I decided to make it practical in reality (the material world). For that purpose, I used my professional skills as a researcher to do a process of exploring, mapping, defining, coding and analyzing the spiritual world to make it tangible in the material world.

After 7 years of learning and practicing in the spiritual world, the outcome of my journey was:

1) I found the purpose of my life.

2) I explained the processes and rules in our world beyond, which means the mysterious, magical, and the previously unexplainable.

3) A Guide for life that explains how things work and shows how to live life according to life goals such as love, career, money, meaningful relationships, the meaning of life, health, happiness, fulfillment, etc.

4) A powerful method (energy treatment) for healing physical and mental illness.