The Poles Inversion Model –Make the spirituality practicality  

September 30, 2016 Yaniv Shlomo 3 comments


The idea for developing the Poles Inversion Model arose from a need to find a guide for life. At that time, I didn’t know what I was looking for, I just knew I needed to find the truths about my life. I was at my lowest point and I felt that there should be another way that could lead me to find the purpose of life. In my searches, I ran into spirituality. In the beginning, I was skeptical because I knew that the spiritual world dealt with the ideals of life, such as happiness, positivity and love, and it seemed naïve to me; impractical and disconnected from the cruel reality. But, with the motivation to find my truth, I went deeper with my experiences with spirituality and eventually embarked on a spiritual journey.  During my journey, I noticed that although the spiritual world was normally characterized as abstract, irrational and undefined, it was actually different. Looking at the big picture, I realized that the spiritual world has pattern and rules. As a researcher, I wanted to take a closer look at these characteristics. Therefore, during my journey I found myself using my professional skills to explore and analyze the spiritual world by using a systematic process of mapping and coding.  It was a consistent process of Scientific Modeling from a wide variety of informal methods: ways of life, workshops, mantras, treatments, beliefs and even principles from the Old and New Testaments.

In developing the model, I wanted to find the bridge between the two worlds: the spiritual world and the material world. A model was the ultimate tool to do it: to validate the aspects of the spiritual world in reality by using scientific methods (as much as possible), and make the knowledge of the spiritual world practical in the material world.

The challenge

The challenge was modeling a world that according to a logical mind seemed endless, unphysical, abstract, and improvable. It’s hard to define the spiritual world, because it’s made of characteristics such as freedom, life, goodness, love, death, and endlessness- they are all indefinable.

Another difficulty arose due to the nature of the studied content. According to spirituality, trying to prove the existence of the spiritual world goes against its very nature: you have to belief without proof.

These difficulties were taken into consideration when finding the balance between being scientific and keeping my experiences with the spiritual world authentic. Therefore, I was using systematic modeling methods integrated with social science principles.


Objectives of the model:

1) To explore the conceptual bridge between the spiritual world and the material world. It’s giving to a person (that doesn’t necessarily have to be spiritual) the ability to use the spiritual world’s essence to live life in the material world according the best ideals on earth: love, freedom, happiness, the enjoyment of life, well-being, the fulfillment of dreams, being peaceful, etc. These ideals seem like a fantasy in the material world but in the spiritual world, they are a way of life.

2) To find proof of the powers that exists in the spiritual world, like healing. Through my first impression, I suspected the reliability of the spiritual world but I needed something to ‘grab in my hands’- some actual proof.

3) To develop a method for treating emotional and physical problems.

The analyzed content

Aspects of the spiritual world which I screened, mapped and categorized became the content, or data, for the model:

1) Expressions, truths, arguments, theories and mantras about life that are dealing with subjects like happiness, the soul, love, freedom, goodness; and answers questions like, what happens after death? What’s the meaning of life?

2) Alternative explanations about the physical forces that influence our world: metaphysical, supernatural and magical forces.

3) Alternative healthcare treatments.

The process:

I used the structure of Scientific Modeling to develop the Poles Inversion  Model using scientific methods. This is the general outline of the steps I took:

1) Screening the spiritual world by reading, participating in activities, studying    and practicing.

2) Mapping the enormous spiritual world and making the first level of classification and categorization according to different factors.

3) Second level of classification and categorization, and also coding the information to define components.

4) Modeling the components by finding the relationship between the components: correlation or causation.

5) Evaluating and proofing the model by validating it as empirical data by using a small group of people that tested the aspects of the model in their life and gave feedback.

6) Organizing and visualizing the model as a system of principles and rules that can predict according to the rules of cause and effect, and also explain aspects of life.

7) Convert the model for practical use.

The outcome:

A reliable, proofed and validated model which:

1) Explains the processes and rules in our world beyond, which means the mysterious, magical, and the previously unexplainable.

2) A Guide for life that explains how things work and shows how to live life according to life goals such as love, career, money, meaningful relationships, the meaning of life, health, happiness, fulfillment, etc.

3) A powerful method for treating physical and mental illness (through energy treatments).

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