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No matter where or in what situation these words find you,

it’s important for you to know that you have the ability to change your life at any moment you choose.

This website was written for that purpose: to show you that you can get the life that you want.

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Meet your Inner Self

Our inner-self seems complicated but with the right terminology and common sense your inner self can be understood in a ...
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A magical life – is it possible?

Let’s cut to the chase and say that there is magic in our world and you can use it. Can ...
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Self-help- how does it work?

How much control do you have in your life? Are you happy? Have you found your purpose in life? Do ...
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Live in the moment

The meaning of living in the moment Life happens in the present- you can experience and react only to events ...
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12 keys for happiness in your routine

What is happiness for you? Maybe you had trouble answering this question. You’re not alone. Most of the people that ...
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My Spiritual Journey

Every time that I look at my life, I see the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ of my spiritual journey. The ...
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Mindfulness in 7 steps

  Mindfulness is the key for living a full life but in the rush of our daily routine, it’s easy ...
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The Poles Inversion Model –Make the spirituality practicality  

The idea for developing the Poles Inversion Model arose from a need to find a guide for life. At that ...
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